A Family, A Passion, A Sweet Life

After living in Oregon for the better part of 30 years, I decided to leave behind everything familiar and embark on a journey alone to the big city of Las Vegas. I had been dealing poker as a side job for several years, and thought, “what better place to be than Vegas”. With a lot of hard work and perseverance, and a little luck, I managed to achieve one of my biggest goals! I am now a poker dealer in Las Vegas, have dealt at the highest level possible, and at the most prestigious events in the world!

For me, my true passion has always been somewhere else though. I love to create! I am a writer, an artist, a crafter, a baker, but not yet a candlestick maker! For as long as I can remember, I have been baking and making treats of all kinds. My Great Grandma and I would bake cookies and crochet together. My Grandma Fishie (named so because her and Grandpa Fishie raised rainbow trout) and I baked and cooked together every chance we had. We would cook huge meals with the Meals on Wheels ladies, then make deliveries together. When Grandma Fishie passed away, at ten years old I took on the responsibility of keeping Grandpa Fishie’s sweet tooth satisfied. For the next 17 years, I would fill his outside freezer with bags and bags of cookies and breads.

Grandpa Fishie’s sister, my Great Aunt Helen, handed over her pumpkin bread recipe to me, and after years of making it for friends and family with rave reviews, I decided to give it a go as a business! In 2009, I launched the baked goods section of my Etsy shop, Jewel of the Lion, and sold only varieties of Aunt Helen’s Pumpkin Bread. I had finally begun to fulfill a lifelong passion! For the 2010 holiday season, I restarted my store, this time ready to make it a full-time business. I introduced Great Grandma’s Icebox Cookies first, and soon after that I went totally fudge crazy!

The fudge varieties are all my own recipes, something I am so proud of, and know that all the bakers throughout my life are looking down from heaven and smiling about! For now my business remains an online venture, but very soon I hope to launch a brick-and-mortar bakery/cafe. Who knew I had to leave home and come to Vegas to find my passion for baking?? I’m truly “livin’ the dream”, as they say, and couldn’t be happier

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